Dungeon Crawler Sauce

Live for the adventure! Vivre l’Aventure


Welcome to Dungeon Crawler Sauce. Embrace the Phoenix (down) and feel your life reborn! Come join our party through challenge and strife on this grand adventure.

If your into (+1) Hot sauce you’ve come to the right place! If your into table top games, board games or adventure video games you will no doubt find yourself at home, you get +50xp just for getting references. Choose your next adventure by checking the sauce’s challenge rating (CR). Are you a level 1 hot sauce novice or a level 10 champion? There is only one way to find out!

Bonus Quest: Dungeon crawler sauce gives 1$ from every bottle sold towards local food security groups or non profits providing food security services in the greater Montreal area. A goal of our business is to help locals who are down and out or live in food deserts and to promote local artists by providing them work and exposure. Every piece of art was created by a different Montreal artist. Follow the links along with the image to go straight to their portfolios or instagram pages! Of course we are dedicated to bringing about the most savory sauces we can!

Explore the rest of the website or venture out to the market stand, be prepared as we do live tastings.

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Lv 1 Gnomish Alchemist,
I make the hot sauce here so I’m a little biased but I like it a lot. Apparently there is no testimonial page unless someone writes a testimonial <.<  >.>…
My favorite sauce by far in the Grove Guardian, its delicious and Bold! Thanks for all the hard work crew.
The Orchard Dragon is back this week! Grab your party and your gear!

Setting up the testimonial page!