Day 1!

Alright Adventurers!

Here is where my journey begins! Last week was my first market day. Check us out every Wednesday at the Concordia Farmer’s Market. It was a slow day but never the less a success! I couldn’t sleep the night before. The day of I couldn’t stop moving and to the dismay of my neighbors I kept yelling at passers by to check out our market! haha!

2018-06-20 00.18.59
Burning the midnight oil the night before the first market. +200XP

When working on a project don’t be dismayed by its size! After a long day designing and having to attend a few meetings I got home to begin labeling 98 bottles of hotstuff! Using my oven to shrink wrap the labels was a must!

As you can see the hard work payed off! Look at that table! No signs! No posters! okay… there is a lot of work to do. You can help! (yes you!)

200xp for anyone who visits the site and tells me about it the following market day! Which is Wednesday! Come out for a meet and greet and some taste testing! You wont be disappointed! Come by and say hi!




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