Fight fire with Fire!

I don’t know who here keeps plants but its hot.
Every day I wake up to my tomatoes wilting in the windows. I wake up in a sweat and drag myself through the day. Its hard to focus and hard to work fast and hard. Weve all had days like that. Its too hot for plants it may be too hot for animals but there are some tricks to keep cool.

Hot peppers traditionally have been eaten to keep cool in hot climes. This may seem contradictory as the sensation of capsicum is often compared with fire, however this is not the case. Chillies make you feel warm. They make blood rise to the surface of our faces (reddening) and make us sweat. These things help us reduce body heat! So in truth you can fight fire with fire!

You could alternatively stand in a tub of cold water all day. You could work late just to benefit from the office’s AC. Perhaps your lucky enough to have a place to go out of town (I’m a lil jelly and you know who you are). If not, chow down on some hot sauce and feel the burn dry out this summer heat.


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