Hey folks!

We have some changes in the works we want you to know about. This week we went forward and hired a translator to bring the French aspect of the project up to speed. we are located in Quebec after all. Expect big changes on our website and on our labels. EN FRANCAIS SVP! On encourage a tous les explorateurs de nous joindre dans notre grande aventure! Check out our translator Louis-Felix If your looking for a translation yourself.

The Peach Dragon sauce is getting a minor change. The original concept name was Orchard Dragon. Not a big change but definitely worth noting.

The Sales and Prices page has been updated for bulk orders. There is still some work to be done for the shipping department but at least now we have pricing for 12 packs. In the works are also sets and collections ranging from 2 or three piece sets to 5 piece collections. Its exciting stuff to be sure!

We are excited about moving into the future and so should you! Don’t let roadblocks, mountains, caves or Ogres ever slow you down. An adventurer always has a plan and sees obstacles as challenges to be overcome!


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