Well thats just Peach-y

For a little while there we had a crisis. Its not something we anticipated but we should have. The problem is that fruit are seasonal. There is one time of year when local fruit are cheapest and most flavorful and right now it is inherently not Peach season.

What to do? We’re stuck needing stock (as we have now sold over 100 bottles!). Part of the ideals of the business was to provide local products, transformed locally and donate to local charities. What do you do when you need peaches? Around here this time of year they come in a can 😦 . Canned peaches just aren’t as good. Also reading the label they come from South Africa. That is decidedly not local. In fact its not just across the Atlantic its a whole hemisphere away!

Sheepishly we had to give in. We need product to sell for this project to keep going and keep on going it must! So this week we are happy to offer another 13 bottles of Peach sauce, affectionately named the Orchard Dragon. Back in stock means we can keep things rolling until those Ontarian peach trees bloom, hopefully sooner than later. The plan will be to create a huge quantity when they are ripe and offer them until they run out. Locally produced products are necessarily seasonal.
Check out our Orchard Dragon sauce on line Here and at our market Wednesday from 11-4



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