Sometimes you roll a 20, sometimes you roll a 1.

I learned something new today and that is that farmer’s markets don’t open on bad weather days. These Adventurers are clearly low level, if a simple storm can make em duck and run. Sigh…

Part of the reason for this post is that sales have dropped suddenly and its not clear why. Its a little frightening and I’ve started to look for some supplemental work. Needless to say creating custom products with unique labels is a little pricey and therefore will take a little more time to hit it’s market.

Today then is a creation and media day. Making infused oils we think would be a nice addition to our brand. What do you think about mechanical monsters being the theme? Sort of like mech blood (oil right?). Anyways like any work in progress it takes time.
Creation 1: Toasted fresh chillies, black pepper, Cinnamon, cloves, garlic and sesame seeds (Only had black ones today but it certainly looks cool.
oil2Okay so they need to be topped up, but thats the feel we are going for. This is just a trial run for making and preserving it. I think rosemary and black pepper with a lil chili might make the next round. There is also some talk about infusing vinegar with some fresh herbs. T’is the season you know.

What I mean to say by this whole piece is that when it rains you’ve got to get creative. My worst day of sales I took pictures of my stall so I could analyze them. I went over sales records and found some interesting data. Don’t give up. If your hustling and not succeeding thats time to buckle down and double up! A wall is simply a challenge to be overcome, am I right?! sometimes you roll a 20 and sometimes you roll a 1, don’t stop playing on that account! There is a world of adventure to be had if you just seize it!

There wont likely be as many posts in the next few weeks as I will be out of town and far away from electronics. I might sneak out a post or two somehow.
Thanks for reading!

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