As you may have seen these (+1) works of art are a collaboration to support Montrealers. The majority of the produce that goes into them are produced locally and the art design comes from right here at home! I want to put out a big thanks with those who collaborated on this project! They all went above and beyond and I feel like their work should be credited to them and shared widely! Don’t you? 500xp each 😉

This cutie here was created by Arielle Friedman,  its clearly super awesome right? The shading and texture definitely won me over. Thanks Arielle! You can check out her stuff Here!

Groove Guardian_Katie Paglialunga
This Forest creature was designed by Katie Paglialunga. This is her Grove Guardian. She is fantastic with colour and plants. Check out her work at:

The Pheonix was designed and painted by the talented Constance Lapierre. No joke she literally painted this on a full size canvas. Her work isn’t all dark but her animal skulls can be identified to the skulls that inspired her. I kind of want to buy this painting, dont you? Check out her work at


This lovely dragon was produced by Blare Coughlin. This unique dragon brings its own essence to the flavor of the sauce! no joke! I fell in love with this beautiful creature immediately! Check out the rest of her great stuff at:


This fearsome beast is the work of Tallulah Dumont and is her unique creation. Aptly named fire storm. I can feel the heat from this fearsome monster and hopefully you will too!

She is also the designer the label itself! Inspired by my family crest and designed by Tallulah It was exactly what I was hoping for! She did an amazing job especially considering how specific I was looking for. Check out her stuff on instagram here!


Whew! is it hot in here or is it just me? This awesome piece was done by Sarah Penina. It literally wilted my plants just by looking at it. I absolutely love this creature. Check out her other great stuff at