Yesterday was the unveiling of something new! The first trials of the strawberry collection. Unfortunately the market was slow so there is no consensus on what you like! Here I imagined bold adventurers would step forth to challenge themselves against the sauces forged on Mount Royal!

Bold colours and unique flavors I set out to the market! Where all great adventures begin. Excitedly moving to setup!

20180711_112650This was the view from the road. Surely brave adventurers would step forth I imagined. Bright colours and bold flavors would surely win the day!

T’was not so.
The bold tastes went virtually untested, Trusted adventurers did not return, and the day sloughed on.
Like any good adventurer the only option was to press on and try harder! No treasure or reward is worth winning if there is no challenge!

Hopefully you can all make it out next week! It will be our last market day until the 8th of August when we will be back in full swing. Also important to note the Peach Dragon will be available for next week’s market and a full set of Phoenix should be ready by the 8th!

The sun never sets on those who burn midnight oil! Embrace challenges and maybe you too will be a worthy adventurer.