Sometimes you roll a 20, sometimes you roll a 1.

I learned something new today and that is that farmer’s markets don’t open on bad weather days. These Adventurers are clearly low level, if a simple storm can make em duck and run. Sigh…

Part of the reason for this post is that sales have dropped suddenly and its not clear why. Its a little frightening and I’ve started to look for some supplemental work. Needless to say creating custom products with unique labels is a little pricey and therefore will take a little more time to hit it’s market.

Today then is a creation and media day. Making infused oils we think would be a nice addition to our brand. What do you think about mechanical monsters being the theme? Sort of like mech blood (oil right?). Anyways like any work in progress it takes time.
Creation 1: Toasted fresh chillies, black pepper, Cinnamon, cloves, garlic and sesame seeds (Only had black ones today but it certainly looks cool.
oil2Okay so they need to be topped up, but thats the feel we are going for. This is just a trial run for making and preserving it. I think rosemary and black pepper with a lil chili might make the next round. There is also some talk about infusing vinegar with some fresh herbs. T’is the season you know.

What I mean to say by this whole piece is that when it rains you’ve got to get creative. My worst day of sales I took pictures of my stall so I could analyze them. I went over sales records and found some interesting data. Don’t give up. If your hustling and not succeeding thats time to buckle down and double up! A wall is simply a challenge to be overcome, am I right?! sometimes you roll a 20 and sometimes you roll a 1, don’t stop playing on that account! There is a world of adventure to be had if you just seize it!

There wont likely be as many posts in the next few weeks as I will be out of town and far away from electronics. I might sneak out a post or two somehow.
Thanks for reading!

Well thats just Peach-y

For a little while there we had a crisis. Its not something we anticipated but we should have. The problem is that fruit are seasonal. There is one time of year when local fruit are cheapest and most flavorful and right now it is inherently not Peach season.

What to do? We’re stuck needing stock (as we have now sold over 100 bottles!). Part of the ideals of the business was to provide local products, transformed locally and donate to local charities. What do you do when you need peaches? Around here this time of year they come in a can 😦 . Canned peaches just aren’t as good. Also reading the label they come from South Africa. That is decidedly not local. In fact its not just across the Atlantic its a whole hemisphere away!

Sheepishly we had to give in. We need product to sell for this project to keep going and keep on going it must! So this week we are happy to offer another 13 bottles of Peach sauce, affectionately named the Orchard Dragon. Back in stock means we can keep things rolling until those Ontarian peach trees bloom, hopefully sooner than later. The plan will be to create a huge quantity when they are ripe and offer them until they run out. Locally produced products are necessarily seasonal.
Check out our Orchard Dragon sauce on line Here and at our market Wednesday from 11-4



The 100

Hey Everyone!

Today is a very special day for me! Today we reach our first 100 bottles sold! Thats 2 more than were initially produced a month ago! Thats 100$ pledged for charity! Thats 100 acts of adventure!

I want to give out a big thanks to family and friends who have come out to support this project. I also want to thank the lovely artists Ive had opportunity to work with. As well as the coordinators of the CFM which is where quite a number of bottles were sold.

This Adventure of mine has been a rewarding experience and who knows… maybe i’ll even sell another hundred.

Hope to meet you in person!


Hey folks!

We have some changes in the works we want you to know about. This week we went forward and hired a translator to bring the French aspect of the project up to speed. we are located in Quebec after all. Expect big changes on our website and on our labels. EN FRANCAIS SVP! On encourage a tous les explorateurs de nous joindre dans notre grande aventure! Check out our translator Louis-Felix If your looking for a translation yourself.

The Peach Dragon sauce is getting a minor change. The original concept name was Orchard Dragon. Not a big change but definitely worth noting.

The Sales and Prices page has been updated for bulk orders. There is still some work to be done for the shipping department but at least now we have pricing for 12 packs. In the works are also sets and collections ranging from 2 or three piece sets to 5 piece collections. Its exciting stuff to be sure!

We are excited about moving into the future and so should you! Don’t let roadblocks, mountains, caves or Ogres ever slow you down. An adventurer always has a plan and sees obstacles as challenges to be overcome!


Keeping Berry Positive


Yesterday was the unveiling of something new! The first trials of the strawberry collection. Unfortunately the market was slow so there is no consensus on what you like! Here I imagined bold adventurers would step forth to challenge themselves against the sauces forged on Mount Royal!

Bold colours and unique flavors I set out to the market! Where all great adventures begin. Excitedly moving to setup!

20180711_112650This was the view from the road. Surely brave adventurers would step forth I imagined. Bright colours and bold flavors would surely win the day!

T’was not so.
The bold tastes went virtually untested, Trusted adventurers did not return, and the day sloughed on.
Like any good adventurer the only option was to press on and try harder! No treasure or reward is worth winning if there is no challenge!

Hopefully you can all make it out next week! It will be our last market day until the 8th of August when we will be back in full swing. Also important to note the Peach Dragon will be available for next week’s market and a full set of Phoenix should be ready by the 8th!

The sun never sets on those who burn midnight oil! Embrace challenges and maybe you too will be a worthy adventurer.


A little Berried

This time of year is super exciting, strawberry season always gets me in a rush. My family and I have a tradition of going out to a pick-your-own farm this time of year dating way back tom when walking was a challenge 😉


This year, being in the hot sauce business, I wanted to celebrate that. How was the question. So many articles on what to pair these magical fruit with left my head in a spin. So i decided to try four varieties.

Two weeks later and its taste test time! Lets see how my fermented babies fared.

The one furthest right was the least inspired. I made a flavor map put the ingredients together and voila, it has not taste. Balsamic vinegar, black pepper, basil, thyme, strawberries and Jalapenos…. nada. Its Umami to the extreme that it feels bland and boring… At least the other 3 were interesting.

1. Strawberries and cinnamon maybe a little overshadowed by habaneros, Quite nice with that sweetness to it.

2. Ginger and spice came to the forefront of this sweet bbq like sauce. I would probably ferment it longer for best results. Scotch Bonnet

3. This one was shooting for the moon. It reminds me of a spaghetti sauce. No joke! With onions and garlic and herbs its really something interesting. Made with fermented Jalapenos. This one certainly was a surprise!

Ive come up with a sauce name for number one, The rest will have to wait on inspiration.

Come check out free taste testing and let us know what you like! This Wednesday if your in the Montreal area!


Fight fire with Fire!

I don’t know who here keeps plants but its hot.
Every day I wake up to my tomatoes wilting in the windows. I wake up in a sweat and drag myself through the day. Its hard to focus and hard to work fast and hard. Weve all had days like that. Its too hot for plants it may be too hot for animals but there are some tricks to keep cool.

Hot peppers traditionally have been eaten to keep cool in hot climes. This may seem contradictory as the sensation of capsicum is often compared with fire, however this is not the case. Chillies make you feel warm. They make blood rise to the surface of our faces (reddening) and make us sweat. These things help us reduce body heat! So in truth you can fight fire with fire!

You could alternatively stand in a tub of cold water all day. You could work late just to benefit from the office’s AC. Perhaps your lucky enough to have a place to go out of town (I’m a lil jelly and you know who you are). If not, chow down on some hot sauce and feel the burn dry out this summer heat.